Penthrox Methoxyflurane is a hand-held emergency pain relief inhaler that delivers analgesic medication quickly to individuals involved in accidents involving trauma such as burns, fractures and joint dislocations. It has revolutionised the management of emergency pain relief in pre-hospital settings

In the UK Penthrox® is ideal for medics in UK Fire Services, Police Forces, Coastguard, Mountain Rescue, High Risk Industries, RNLI and the Event Medical industry. It is an invaluable addition to packs for expedition or remote medics or those operating in hostile or austere environments and is easily transferred through borders.

Penthrox® is cost effective, small and lightweight when compared with Entonox and can be included as part of a range of pain relieving options. It’s simple, fast acting, can be self-administered by the patient and is well documented as an effective treatment option for conscious patients who require the emergency relief of moderate to severe acute pain.

Penthrox is a prescription-only medication but NOT a controlled drug, and can be administered by non-healthcare professionals (such as First Aiders, First Responders or Rescue Technicians) who have received authorised training and where the use of Penthrox® is covered by an organisation’s operating procedure or Patient Group Directive.

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