This pre-hospital qualification takes you beyond First Aid at Work and into the realms of providing the initial prehospital care at emergency or life-threatening incidents where it will give you the knowledge and necessary skills associated with assessment, treatment, and stabilisation of patients to provide appropriate advanced care to a casualty pending the arrival of a clinician.

This course is designed for anyone likely to be responding to an emergency incident, including:

  • community first responders
  • outdoor/expedition leaders
  • emergency personnel
  • fire and police personnel
  • other emergency services and rescue personnel
  • cabin crew
  • film crews
  • industrial first aiders, and
  • first aiders who want to take their abilities beyond first aid at work and into the pre-hospital level of care.

Effective early interventions by emergency first responders have been shown to have a positive impact on patient outcomes, and are reflected in the qualification content, which includes:

  • Catastrophic bleeding, Airway, Breathing, and Circulation (<C>ABC) approach
  • Airway management including manual suction, airway adjuncts, and bag valve masks
  • Basic Life Support (BLS) and Automated External Defibrillation (AED)
  • Emergency oxygen therapy
  • Bleeding control including haemostatic agents, wound packing, and tourniquets

It is an excellent step up into the world of pre-hospital care and an ideal stepping stone to the FREC pathway to paramedic.

This qualification surpasses your First Aid at Work qualification and is valid for three years.

Delivered over three days, we cover its use in a variety of settings from the outdoors and austere environments to the workplace and beyond.

No prior experience required and you must be 17+ to undertake the training.