If you want to tick a box for an NGB qualification that’s fine, but, if you want to learn the real skills in keeping casualties alive until help gets to you, assist in getting them down to definitive medical care AND know that you can do all that with confidence then isn’t it better to be taught not just by first aid instructors who have completed and outdoors course but by first aid instructors who are outdoors professionals, have been there, have had to do what they are teaching you and have got the proverbial high wicking base layer T-Shirt???

Our courses are taught with fun, laughter and good old-fashioned hands-on, scenario and student participation.

Bring your warm clothes, your waterproofs, your head torch and your sense of adventure.

The residential weekend is a quality immersive experience. It’s a long couple of days and into the evenings as you are taught, indoors and out, not only the rules of first aid but the realities of outdoor first aid.

Traditional first aid and HSE approved courses are designed for the common medical problems, telephone communications, ambulances and hospitals of the urban area.

At Venture Medical we use our years of practical experience to provide an appropriate skill based training course that takes normal urban practices and, using limited resources we would have available in reality, makes them relevant to the medical problems we may experience in the outdoors.

There are still areas where you will not get a mobile phone signal. Rescues will still be hampered or delayed by terrain and weather conditions. In reality, a medical emergency in the wilderness is a grave situation.

At Venture Medical we aim to provide you with the skills and knowledge to provide emergency medical care in remote and hostile environments with limited equipment and the possibility of a long and arduous evacuation to definitive medical care.

In remote settings the practitioner will be called upon to make decisions that even ambulance crews, who will routinely transport to hospital, may not be called upon to make. It may be appropriate to attempt to straighten limb fractures, clean wounds or consider clearing a potential spinal injury in a remote setting, techniques you would never dream of attempting in the comfort of an urban setting.

The level of instruction provided over both days also makes this course suitable for meeting the requirements of various NGB Awards such as MLTB, SMBLT, BASI as well as youth leaders, expedition leaders, Scouts, Guides, Boys Brigade, Duke of Edinburgh’s Award practitioners and other youth organisations.

Our course is also recognised as suitable for the coaching schemes of the BCU and RYA.

Besides all that, it’s good fun and you WILL learn

As well as recognised certification, valid for three years, your cost includes self-catering accommodation in basic bunkhouse style dormitory, with toilets and showers

Please Note:

This course is available to be delivered at the venue of your choice or on dates to suit you and your workforce.

Contact us to discuss your requirements.