“The current threat level in the UK is set at SEVERE. This means that it has been judged, on the basis of the available intelligence, that an attack here is highly likely. As Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe, the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police Service has said, it is currently a matter of ‘when not if’ a terrorist attack takes place here”

Lord Toby Harris report into Preparedness to Respond to a Major Terrorist Incident, 2016

A marauding terrorist firearms attack (MTFA) is currently considered to be the most significant terrorist threat throughout the world. It was the main method used by terrorists in Mumbai in 2008, in Nairobi in 2013, in Paris in 2015 and in Orlando in 2016.

An MTFA may involve:

• shootings;

• the use of explosives and grenades;

• the use of vehicles as weapons;

• fires;

• hostage taking; and

• sieges.

There is a significant likelihood of serious injuries and deaths with the Istanbul and Brussels airport attacks alone in 2016 leading to 77 killed and 530 injured.

Changes in the way emergency services respond to such attacks mean there will most likely be a significant delay in getting emergency medical care to those seriously injured in the attack and it is recognised that this delay will most likely lead to further deaths. Your staff can change that outcome and our training WILL save lives.

Venture Medical UK Ltd. is able to offer this specialist first aid course, providing high-end training in dealing with catastrophic trauma such as those injuries encountered during an MTFA. We have provided training throughout the UK and Asia and our Ballistic and Catastrophic Trauma courses are utilised by both National and International Government organisations.

Our expert instructors have over sixty years operational emergency services experience between them and are able to tailor inputs and courses directly to your needs. Our Catastrophic Trauma module is available as an “add on” learning experience for those currently trained in First Aid or as an integral part of an HSE approved 1 or 3-day course and complements your preparedness and resilience plans and Projects Griffin, Argus, and Citizen Aid counterterrorist initiatives.

From as little as four hours time investment we can provide training to keep you at the forefront of safety for your staff and your customers in these uncertain times.

Contact us to discuss your training and equipment requirements and let’s save lives together.